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Mists, Elixirs, Oils For Sacred Spaces + Journeys 

This is one of the most deeply potent and healing medicines for me to craft.

How deeply powerful and loving it is that we have returned and remembered to call on our sacred plant allies to walk, journey and assist us in ceremonies, sacred spaces and journeys.

Each oil, mist and balm is crafted with sacred guidance and gifts from the natural world.

Many of these sacred potions are created to support us at a very specific time or portal we are going though. These potions are divinely guided and channel, many are not recreated if  the energy has shifted, and perhaps a different potion will be needed then.


Remember to open the channel of communication when you all on these plant allies in sacred spaces and journeys through introducing yourself by name and your intention on calling upon their medicine. 

With deep gratitude, here are the sacred mists and elixirs I have created for you this time.

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