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Benevolent Blessings -

Angelica + Rose Sacred Perfume Oil


This sacred anointing oil and natural perfume oil is created with deeply healing and benevolent plant allies and energies who have been called on for millennia for rituals, ceremonies and sacred journeys.


Key Oils within -


Angelica -

Angelica holds an extremely high vibration. Angelica attunes us to the information we already know - the information our soul holds and the wisdom of our lineage.


Angelica has a very strong connection with the angelic realism, especially with Archangel Michael - the teacher of divine truths.


Angelica holds a pure fierce energy, offering protection and unwavering love. Carrying an affinity with our heart and crown chakras.


In past times, Angelica has been called on lifting spells and dissolving curses.


Angelica’s presence is courageous and loving. Angelica helps dissolve unwanted energies, and is extremely powerful at dissolving attachments of patterns.


Rose Otto -

The queen of oils. Holding one of the highest frequencies in the plant kingdom. Rose opens the heart, helping us process sorrow and grief. Rose holds the vibration of deep self-love, self-compassion, peace and self-forgiveness. It also helps us receive information from other realms. Called on for unconditional love, divine understanding and wisdom.


Rose appears as a symbol of miraculous love in ancient mythology. Some see rose as the symbol of the soul, so smelling the scent of the rose links one to their soul essence, breathing in and feeling the wisdom, deep loving of your soul. Many believe that when they smell the scent of the rose, yet no one is near, it is a sign that the Angels are walking with us.


Rose deepening connects us to self-love, self- forgiveness and self-care.


Rose blesses us with peace and unconditional love. Rose speaks to the mystery of the Divine Feminie and the nurturing aspects of Divine Creation.


Sandalwood -

Sacred Listening, to listen with the inner ears, the heart and soul.


Sandalwood encourages stillness of the mind and a meditative state. Sandalwood opens us to our inner wisdom from our soul.


Sandalwood has been used in ancient times for embalming, as well as enhancing harmony, peace and serenity. Buddhists believe that sandalwood is one of the sacred scents of the lotus.


Sandalwood is soothing, calming and grounding, working with the crown and the root chakra.


As Sandalwood helps stabilise and harmonies chaotic energy, it helps our crown, heart and root receive divine information.


Sandalwood soothes restlessness, bringing peace and tranquility. Sandalwood calms a busy mind/ overthinking by dispersing chaotic energy, especially around the crown chakra.


Sandalwood’s vibration calls us to prayer and helps us connect with the sacredness of our daily lives. Sandalwood helps us in slowing down, and tuning in to our truth and deep inner knowing.



Patchouli -

Patchouli holds a solid and grounding vibration, bringing us back to Earth. She is the oil that anchors in the highest vibrations of the other sacred oils, back into our earthly bodies.


Patchouli is one of the master oils of transmutation, helping us work with higher energies and grounding them down to the earthly level.


In the more material level, Patchouli is a beautiful oil to assist us in attracting material prosperity, anchoring and bringing through our sacred blessings into physical form.


Patchouli has a great affinity with Mother Earth and our root chakra.


Frankincense -

Frankincense was one of the most highly valued trees of the ancient world. Frankincense is a powerful oil is assisting the healing of soul wounds.


‘Franc’ means pure and ‘insensium’ means to smoke. Frankincense is used as a potent heart and space purifying, preparing the being for prayer, meditation, ritual and ceremonies.


Frankincense has a affinity with our third eye, assisting us in ‘seeing’ the gifts of spirit and our sacred winsome and life. Frankincense nurtures and supports us during phases of change and growth.


The oil helps repair soul wounds or ancestral patterns that may be showing up repeatedly to be transmuted and alchemised.


Frankincense is a soothing balm to nourish and nurture our energy fields.


Frankincense slows down our breathing and deepens the breath. Frankincense has a deep connection to the breath of life.


Frankincense clears away melancholy and eases sadness associated with nostalgia. Frankincense is called on to consecrate a sacred space (which may be your every day ritual in opening your day), and its affinity with the third eye and using dreams as divination.

Ingredients: Essential oils of angelica root, rose, frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, organic sweet almond oil.

Benevolent Blessings - Angelica + Rose Sacred Perfume Oil

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