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Ceremonial mist to assist transitions with ease + divine guidance.


Sacred mist distilled in ceremony to walk with you through rite of passages.


A very special ceremonial mist distilled and crafted in ceremony to be called on during rite of passages, big or small, in whatever form it looks like.


This sacred mist calls on the deep wise unconditional love in the unseen to walk, journey and guide us through potent thresholds with tender love. 


The clear message from this mist is:


‘I allow my fears to be dissolved in the light of divine love’


Call on the ancient deeply loving plant medicines + sacred waters within the mist to journey with you. Invite in the deep love and wisdom of your lineage to walk with you.


Know that you are divinely guided and deeply held by the seen + unseen.


Ingredients: Small batch distilled hydrosols of pine + rose, essences of yew, rosemary white lotus,  sacred cave water, herbal extracts of cypress, honeysuckle, lilac, essential oils of frankincense, rose + neroli,


The Sacred: Rite Of Passage Mist

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