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Deep nourishment and loving grounding embrace from the flowers + trees of this land. Unfurl to your innate trust and magic of life.


A soothing, grounding and relaxing body oil infused with loving herbs gathered throughout the seasons + infused over several moon cycles. She invites in the wisdom of surrendering and trusting in relaxing into the divine unfolding + bliss life offers. This oil reawakens + reminds of our innate capacity of pleasure and bliss, holding this frequency especially in times of discomfort.


Apply  a few drops to your bath or massage into your skin/soles of your feet.


A little goes a long way!

A deeply nourishing dark green luxurious body and bath herbal oil.


Crafted with the slow infusion of deeply soothing, grounding, centring and nourishing herbs from the land.


A grounding + relaxing blend of blissful herbs to awaken the joy and magic in surrendering to the flow and miracles of life.


Inviting in the divine guidance and essence of wholesome nourishment and ease.


Crafted with the slow infusion of 

  • heart opening hawthorn blossoms (my last batch from last summer! So the next hawthorn blossom herbal oils will have to wait till they are out again in may/ June)
  • Rosemary: A wise loving ancient herb associated with all things memory related. The intention of calling on her magic and medicine in this oil is to awaken our ancient memory and knowing to trust our intuition, trust in our own inner knowing.
  • Calendula, cherry blossoms, meadowsweet: Joyful nourishing sweet herbs to invite in the frequency of joy and play into our life.
  • Juniper: A deeply grounding, relaxing and clearing tree, known to be one of the most relaxing herbs to call on. Juniper is also powerful in cleansing our psychic space and provide protection.
  • Infused in high vibrational olive + castor organic oils over several months/ moon cycles.
  • Naturally scented with the magical aromas of organic eucalyptus, cedarwood, sandalwood, rose, sweet orange and vetiver essential oils to bring us back firmly into our centre so that we can feel safe to surrender to the unknown and magic of life.


These healing herbs have been slow infused in the most high vibrational pure organic cold pressed olive oil, received directly from the grower and land guardians in Sicily.


I deeply love working with the Olive tree and feel it is one of the most sacred luxurious oils we get to work with and nourish our body and spirit with. 


In the past, olive oil was widely used for religious rites and rituals, and I feel when you find a pure magical olive oil, she makes the most sacred annointing and body/ spirit loving oil.


On a physical level, pure olive oil has the vast range of powerful healing qualities. Within the anicnet medicines and specifically in the Hippocratic code of medicine, Olive oil is cited for 60 different uses to heal range of imbalnces.  



Hawthorn blossoms, rosemary, calendula, cherry blossoms, meadowsweet, juniper, organic cold pressed olive + castor oils, organic essential oils of cedarwood, eucalyptus, sandalwood, rose, sweet orange, vetiver.


50ml amber glass bottle




Ease + Surrender: Nourishing Herbal Body + Bath Oil

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