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A deeply loving and potent blend of breast and heart nurturing herbs to soften, release, awaken, and nurture the ancient magic, love and knowing that lives in this sacred portal we have in the centre of our being.


The plant magic and medicine infused into this beloved oil are:


  • Lilac blooms: She is one of the most magnificent plant medicines that lends her medicine to us in this oil. She grows in full luxurious blooms, carrying an otherworldly sweet scent. Her full blooms, blooming in every angle, reminds us of her unwavering love and cushioning to lean on in times of shock or instability. Her full blooms acts as a cushioning for us to land on and embrace us softly.
  • Hawthorn berries: a potent ancient heart healer on the physical and energetic level. One of the most powerful heart medicines we are generously provided with from this land. Each berry is hand gathered from hawthorn trees I intimately know and love. 
  • Hibiscus + Cleavers: Holds deeply purifying qualities to clear channels that may be blocked or holding onto past patterns that are ready to be released.
  • Violet Leaf: Also known as ‘Heartsease’ and grows in the shape of a heart. She is a gentle loving plant, that has a beautiful affinity with heart healing and tending.
  • Yarrow blooms: A magical wound healer on all levels of our being. Physically, yarrow is one of the first herbs I go to for any type of wound. Energetically, yarrow is one of the best herbs for soothing and tending to emotional wounds. 
  • Very gently scented with essential oils as the magic of the divine high vibrational pure olive oil is so deeply healing and loving.


Ingredients: Hawthorn berries, yarrow, lilac blossoms, rose, hibiscus, violet, cleavers, organic olive + castor oils, essential oils of rose, cypress, fragonia, vanilla, sweet orange.



Ancient Love: Breast + Heart Tending Oil

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