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This potent Energy + Space Clearing Mist was created through direct guidance from the plant kingdom’s wisdom.


The powerfully protective, purifying and clearing tree medicine carried within Pine, Thuja, Elder leaves and needles were gathered in ceremony.


Their magic and medicine was infused over weeks through ancient folk herbalism methods, to receive their potent clearing qualities within this bottle.


Pine, Thuja and Juniper are powerfully cleansing and protective trees, on all levels, and through all realms.


Elder is a sacred tree to guard and protect us as we open and close portals.


Blackberry leaf carries the medicine of boundaries, allowing all that does not serve to fall away. She is a clear and precise ally for lingering unwanted energies to dissolve immediately.


Sage is a powerful ally in cleansing and purifying our energy and space. She is perhaps one of the most well-known plant ally for this property she holds.


Her medicine is within this bottle, for those who do not wish to burn dried plants or prefer a smokeless cleanse and purification of energies and space.


Juniper needles and berries were gathered and distilled within my copper still, right in my home, next to the sacred land guardians - Junipers. This Juniper Hydrosol forms the powerfuly basis of this Clearing Mist.


Juniper shares their medicine of deep and precise cleansing and dispelling. Juniper is also known as a powerful protector of our psychic space, dispelling negative or dark energies.


The Essence of Senecio Candicans Angel Wings was crafted from a very sacred plant, very close to my heart within the portal of the Celtic New Year.


This plant is the master place holder of journeying from one realm to another with purity. She holds the sacred medicine of the wise innocence of purity. Her medicine especially holds the frequency of the pureness of our heart.



Spritz this Mist over your body or into your space.


To open the channel of communication with the plant allies, to ask for their guidance and medicine to work with you, remember to first introduce yourself to them.


This is how the channel of communication can be opened.


Then hold your intention as you mist yourself or your body.


Know that as long as this channel of communication is open, the medicine and magic is working with you.


Use whenever you feel called! In the morning upon waking, at night before sleep, for opening and closing sacred spaces or ceremonies, for journeys.



Extract of Pine, Thuja, Elder, Blackberry leaf, Sage, Artisan distilled Juniper Hydrosol, Essences of Senecio Candicans Angel Wings, Organic Essential oils of Peppermint,

Eucalyptus, Rosemary.



Energy + Space Clearing Mist

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