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A variation of the gorgeous luxurious Sacred Yoni Butter shared over winter, but now with a spring essence to her!

Through divine guidance with the intention to divinely nourish, deeply nurture and tend to our root, sacral and heart chakras.


Crafted to assist us in relaxing and releasing into our full being.


When you feel guided, you may apply a pea sized amount and massage around and over your yoni, womb space, tail bone or heart space.


This Sacred Yoni Butter is created with sacred plant medicines, divinely guided and deeply connected to my lineage and the divine femenine roots, specifically plant medicines to allow us to feel safe, deeply nourished and held.


Call on her medicine in to open or close your day, or part of your sacred ritual and deep nourishment.


She is a creation and reminder of deep self nourishment and self love, opening the remembrance of receiving the depth of beauty and abundace of life with ease.


Her medicine clears and dissolves barriers and holdings to old unwanted patterns.


Breathe in her sacred scent and allow yourself to be deeply held and nourished.


I feel this is one of my most sacred creations.


I am so deeply grateful to share this sacred butter with you.


Ingredients: Wild Irish rose petals, cherry blossoms, white lotus, cinnamon, hawthorn leaves and berries, honeysuckle, organic castor + olive oils, organic shea butter, pure irish beeswax, organic essential oils of rose, sandalwood, jasmine, vetiver, ylang ylang, patchouli, spearmint, vanilla.

Rose + White Lotus Sacred Yoni Butter

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