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“The ancient rhythms of the earth have insinuated themselves into the rhythms of the human heart. The earth is not outside us; it is within: the clay from where the tree of the body grows.” 

- John O'Donohue- 

Welcome to my sacred creations and expression of my communion with the earth and nature spirits.

I am Máire Dumigan.

I gather gifts from the land, listen to their teachings and guidance of my ancestors.


I  craft these sacred medicines and herbal potions through teachings that have been passed down from my lineage of medicine women and men.

My prayer of each herbal creation and medicine I share with you here is to reflect back to you your sacredness, knowing, your divine beauty, your medicine.

The plant beings generously and patiently share their sacred medicine and messages with me, and I wish to honour and share them with you, through these herbal creations.

As you may notice, many of the herbal potions I create are from plants that grow wild in Éire.

Almost all have been gathered by hand and heart every day in small amounts. 

To me, these are the most potent medicines.

The wild, sacred herbs growing WITH us.

The herbs created from the deep nourishing soil.

The bones of our ancestors.

They carry deep medicine of remembrance.

The carry deep nourishment for our bodies.

They carry deep love for our spirit and soul.

May these herbal creations remind you of your medicine.

May they nourish you deeply.

May you feel my love, the love of the land, the love of the ancestors within these herbal elixirs and oils

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