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About Me

Hello! I am Máire Dumigan.


I guide animal healing through working with the animal's subtle energy body and plant medicine. This form of therapy works deeply with emotional, behavioural or physical concerns.

When I reconnected with plant medicine and the healing power of essential oils, it became clear to me that this is also what many animals are calling for in their healing journey.

I followed this pull and trained in Eastern and Western healing modalities including animal aromatherapy (zoopharmacognosy), animal energy healing, acupressure, food and plant energetic through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My approach to animal healing therapy is guided by my Chinese and Irish heritage. Having grown up in Hong Kong I saw the magic of Traditional Chinese Medicine used throughout my family. When we moved to Ireland, I immediately sensed the deeply healing wisdom from plants. Having always been guided by magical dogs and through my animal training, I realised that much of this plant medicine wisdom is transferable to our beloved animals. 

This created my animal healing therapy where I combine principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine by working closely with the meridian system and plant healing to bring the animal back into balance.

The most sacred part of my work is in creating bespoke essential oils and aromatic waters for animals based on the individual energetics and flow of energy within meridians.

At the heart of each healing session and aromatic therapy offering is a profound love and respect for the innate healing wisdom within ourselves, our animals, and our plant allies gifted by mother nature.

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