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Deep slumber mist is crafted with deeply soothing, nurturing and grounding herbs to help us relax into our bodies, release mental chatter and worries, allowing us to soften into deep restorative rest.


Crafted from deeply soothing pure oils of lavender, grounding cedarwood and vetiver, psychic + space cleansing and deeply relaxing juniper and rosemary, uplifting sweet oraane and lime so that we drift into deep rest with these joyful vibrations - beautiful plant allies for the darker winter months, to uplift mood and the spirit. 


A deeply relaxing and joyful blend of soothing and clearing pure herbal oils to help us receive restorative rest and easeful sleep.


An amazing deeply relaxing and energy clearing mist to be sprayed onto the soles of the feet, over your aura, or onto your pillow before bed.


A beautiful soothing mist for children and elderly, or anyone who needs support for restful sleep.



Deep Slumber Mist: Pillow + Aura Mist

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