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Image by Sophie Dale

Pure + Potent Healing Herbal Potions To Nourish Your Face

Every single ingredient used within these herbal oils and balms have been divinely guided and crafted with herbs deeply connected to us on this land and my lineage, through wisdom from the natural world, ancient practices and teachings passed down from my lineage. 

Each Herbal Potion Is Deeply Sacred.

They carry a unique vibration.

The potions that call you, are divinely perfect for you.

Each herbal facial serum and balm are crafted with the most deeply healing natural ingredients from nature, most of which I have hand gathered throughout the seasons.

Including the ancient skin healer of pine resin gathered from wicklow forests, soothing rose petals and deeply nourishing rose hips, all gathered, infused and crafted into these deeply loving herbal potions following the cycles and guidance of nature.

Many of the oils are crafted from an extremely high vibrational organic olive oil, received directly from the family in Sicily. Olive oil is a deeply sacred oil that is associated with the ancient goddess of love and beauty. The Olive tree symbolises peace, harmony, fertility, prosperity and wisdom. In the ancient text of Hippocratic code of medicine, olive oil had over 60 cited medicinal healing uses.

In ancient times, Olive Oil was used in sacred rites and rituals. 

She creates the fertile base of all sacred intentions we infuse into our herbal potions when we craft and apply them onto our bodies.

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