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Herbal magic to nourish delicate skin + restore clarity to our inner vision.


This deeply nourishing eye balm is filled with the most luxurious healing oils that are associated since ancient times not only with skin healing, but also with clarity of inner vision and ancient wisdom.


Crafted with wild crafted rosehips to deeply nourish our skin from the inside out as she is densely packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals.


Brightening and purifying herbs of camellia, pine resin, coffee.


And infused into luxurious oils of hazelnut, castor, avocado and olive!


I am so excited amount the magical infusion of the tree of knowledge - Hazel here. 


As you use this balm to nourish and brighten the delicate skin around your eyes, also call on the plant magic and plant spirit within to awaken and remember knowledge, memories or wisdom that you desire to retrieve and awaken to weave more beauty into your life in a wholesome way.


Not your normal eye balm!


This comes in a generous 20ml pot which will last a year or more. This balm will store perfectly for up to 2 years.


Ingredients: rosehips, camellia, coffee, pine resin, oils of hazelnut, castor, avocado, olive, kaolin clay, essential oils of cypress, frankincense, rose, immortelle, lavender, local beeswax.


Sacred Visions: Nourishing Eye Balm

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