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Sacred mist to soften, dissolve and release patterns of holding  in the heart.


Distilled in ceremony with Rosemary.


Crafted with the intention to assist in the Easeful dissolving of what is ready to be released.


Inviting in the wisdom of release.


The wisdom of ease.


The allowing of dissolving.


Inviting the scnet and plant + sacred water wisdom to remind us that there is no need to hold on to past patterns, memories, energetic imprints that are ready to be release.


Inviting in the wisdom of allowing, the wisdom of softening, the wisdom of unfurling.



Spritz onto front + back of your heart space.

Breathe in + receive the healing scent and vibrations these  waters + plants hold with your heart. Allow the release + dissolving.


'Heart Ease' as a Facial Mist and Tonic 

This Mist also makes a deeply healing and clearing Facial Mist and Tonic. 


Pine and Rosemary are beautiful powerful plants to clear and shift redness, brighten your face and spirit, as well as support the healing and dissolving of impurities. 


On a physical level, this mist carries powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties - All of these 'physical' properties making this mist powerful at her dissolving action, allowing us to soften into our truest centre, allowing our magic and truth to be revealed and shine.





Ingredients: Hand gathered  small batch distilled rosemary + pine hydrosol, seaweed moon essence, honey, extracts of st. john’s wort, yarrow, hawthorn blossom + berries, essential oils

of cypress, geranium, fennel.



Heart Ease: Heart Softening Mist

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