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A magical blend of potent and treasured herbs + oils to light up our skin from the inside out.


Filled with brightening, radiating, soothing, and uplifting herbs and luxurious oils for the skin and spirit!


I am so excited to share this divine radiance serum with you!


Her texture is silk like! She is much lighter than the ‘Beloved Soul’ Rose Face Serum.


She is perfect for the lighter days and as we transition into the brighter cycle of the year.


She is packed with naturally skin loving, healing and brightening oils of:

- Olive Squalane (I am so so excited to share this with you as I have been testing this out/ researching for the past few months!),

- Camellia oil: skin cleansing/ purifying

- Jojoba Oil: nourishing/ soothing


All these oils have been infused with Pine needles and resin which carry this gorgeous brightening quality. Pine hold skin clearing, purifying and healing qualities. 


This serum is gorgeously scented with magical healing essential oils of rosemary, lavender, frankincense, German chamomile and geranium!


Apply 3-5 drops onto your face and gently massage in with love.



Organic oils of avocado, camellia, jojoba, olive squalane, extracts of pine resin, immortelle, essential oils of chamomile, frankincense, rosemary, lavender, geranium, immortelle.



Soul Light: Brightening Radiance Face Serum

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