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Beloved Soul Face Serum has returned with the addition of her sacred juicy nutrient dense rosehips...

This is the final batch of rosehips I have infusing.

So when this batch is sold out, we will have to wait till next late summer/ autumn for the sacred rosehips to return!

Although I feel that is perfect too! As over the warmer months, our bodies thrive with just the infusion of the rose petals.

For the rest of feb, March, April…. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to share this last batch of sacred rose hips AND rose petals serum with you.


This Face Serum crafted with the most loving tender rose petals + rosehips gathered by hand from many different rose bushes who gifted their petals and hips to us.


The rose petals + rosehips are then slow infused in pure, expansively high frequency organic cold pressed olive + jojoba oils.


The magic within Beloved Soul Face Serum is amplified by the one of the highest frequency oils on Earth - pure Rose Essential oil and the sacred oil for anointing throughout ancient times - pure organic Frankincense essential oil.


Ingredients: Wild crafted rose petals, rose hips, organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (directly from the farmer), organic cold pressed jojoba oil, organic essential oils of frankincese and rose.



30ml Bottle


As this oil is deliciously thick and dripping with pure nourishment, a little goes a long way.


Use only a few drops at a time.


This oil has a beautiful deep orange coulour gifted by the rose hips. The natural colours of the land and nature are so deeply familiar to our body! Our body knows exactly how to receive and work with them.


Beloved Soul Face Serum

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