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Beloved Soul Face Serum has returned with the addition of her sacred juicy nutrient dense rosehips...


This Face Serum crafted with the most loving tender rose petals + rosehips gathered by hand from many different rose bushes who gifted their petals and hips to us. 


The rose petals + rosehips  are then slow infused in pure, expansively high frequency organic cold pressed olive + jojoba oils.


The magic within Beloved Soul Face Serum is amplified by the one of the highest frequency oils on Earth - pure Rose Essential oil and the sacred oil for anointing throughout ancient times - pure organic Frankincense essential oil.



30ml Bottle


As this oil is deliciously thick and dripping with pure nourishment, a little goes a long way. 

Use only a few drops at a time.


Beloved Soul Face Serum

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