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A nourishing naturally golden balm for radiant and glowing skin from the inside out. Infused with the healing ancient  energy of cleansing golden light. Tune in and receive this golden frequency as you massage this balm into your skin.


This balm is created from two of the most potent skin healers we have on this land from the plant kingdowm - hand gathered pine resin from the Wicklow forests, slow infusion of Immortelle, also known in folklore as ‘Golden Sun’ and deeply healing Rosehips from west cork beaches.


All of these herbs and resins are slow infused in the purest organic cold pressed olive + avocado oil and pure local beeswax for deeply skin healing, clearing, and soothing qualities.


This balm carries one of the most beautiful pure magically healing scents of pine resin + beeswax infused into the oil.


It is best suited for dry skin and is also an amazing face balm for men. The nourishing oils and local beeswax deeply soothes any irritations, itchiness, scrapes or dryness.


Golden Sun Luminous Face Balm comes in 30ml glass jar.


With daily use, these jars with last many months and can be stored up to 2 years (or more in my opinion).


Only a very small amount is needed each time as it is a thick nourishing balm.


Ingredients: Home grown Immortelle, calendula, wild crafted wicklow pine resin, wild crafted rosehips, pure organic cold pressed oils of avocado, olive oil, jojoba, pure local beeswax, organic essential oils of frankincense, immortelle and lavender.

Golden Sun Luminous Face Balm

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