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This is a powerful little oil to have in your pocket at all times!


This is my variation on the famous Chinese pain relief analgesic little bottle of oil that I remember every single elder in Hong Kong would have had in this pocket.


This is one of the most practical magical little potions.


The original oil is highly potent and strong. This is my version of it, calling on many of the pain relief plant allies, but with more of a loving embrace within.


Use this oil to soothe headaches, aches and pains in the body (even just inhaling this invigorating and strong clearing scent is so powerful!), nausea, stress, tension, anxiety.. the list goes on!


Honestly used to soothe almost everything in Hong Kong! This is my beloved childhood memory and deeply healing potion I’m so happy to share with you!


Simple inhale the scent from the roller, or dab onto pulse points, specifically your temples.


If you have areas of pain in your body, you may also place the oil onto that area. 


Not to be used around the eyes.


Ingredients: Extract of Yarrow, Organic Essential Oils of Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Camphor, Lavender, Peppermint, Organic Olive Oil.

White Flower Relief Oil

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