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I am so excited to share this balm with you!


She is packed with body, mind and spirit awakening and tension relieving herbs.


A deeply healing and clearing balm for tensions in the mind, body or spirit. Crafted from the infusion of powerfully clearing trees of Pine + Juniper to soothe tension in the body or energy field.


A powerful balm for headaches, tightness in the chest, muscle aches, arthritic pain, as well as being a powerful balm for energetic and emotional clearing when applied to the Thymus, Base of the skull, or Solar Plexus to stimulate, strengthen and reawaken your innate power, wisdom and remembrance at this powerful points. 


Crafted with deeply soothing local potent herbs and trees which have been used for relieving tension, stagnancy and pain in the body.


She is named Dragon Balm as we enter the year of the Dragon this Chinese New Year, and the energy of clearing blocks and patterns within this balm is strong.


Pine needles, juniper and rosemary are some of the most powerful herbs for helping the body's natural ability to heal the root cause which is causing pain or discomfort.


The essential oils within carry a powerful clearing vibration and scent to allow old patterns or blocks to be illuminated, released and dissolved.


Apply small amounts of this balm onto areas that need relief in the body. 


She is a potent balm, avoid applying her onto your face. She is created to bring attention and reignite the natural intellegence of the area applied in the body.


Physically, this balm will support arthritic pain, muscle tension, headaches, colds, stuffy nose, wheezy chest and so much more...


Ingredients: Wild Crafted Pine, Juniper Needles + Berries, Rosemary, Lavender, Organic Olive Oil, Local Beeswax, Essential oils of camphor, cajuput, peppermint, clove, eucalyptus, yarrow, ginger.


Choose to receive your balm in a 30ml tin pot or a 60ml glass jar.


Dragon Balm: Relief + Clearing Body Balm

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