Herbs of Éire

Herbal Creations to Remember Our Roots


I create healing herbal oils, balms and other herbal potions from what the land around me has grown.

All herbal plants in my herbal creations are lovingly wild crafted from West Cork, Dublin and Wicklow in Ireland.

To me, each healing plant I gather is a gift from the Soil, the Earth Mother and our Ancestors. 

These wild plants of Éire are pure gifts to us.

Therefore, as the plants teach me their wisdom, I share their messages through the creations of healing herbal gifts.

Each herbal creations is crafted in deep reverence for the land, deep connection to our ancestors and is a prayer to Éire. 

My Offerings

Herb Infused Oils

In-Person Herbal Workshop

Learn how to make your own healing herbal creations and natural remedies through the healing wild plants growing around us.

Organic Beauty Products

Herbs of Éire Shop

Explore my herbal offerings created from wild crafted plants around Éire.

A celebration and honouring of this abundant Land.