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Black Dog


Maire did some beautiful work on Yogi and Beauty. I would highly recommend her as her love and passion for her work shines out through her.
I really enjoyed working with the essential oils on Yogi and Beauty and to see their response when offering the oils is incredible. Both the dogs just loved them and definitely help support them on all levels of their being. Beauty who was very nervous and wired to the moon is definitely less anxious in herself and not barking at strangers that we meet out walking, she is definitely more grounded in her self and less hyper. Yogi enjoyed the oils too and is definitely little less fearful. 
I think this treatment is extremely beneficial to our animals as they know exactly what they need and the benefits of using the power of Mother Earth to support them so naturally is just so healing.

Sinead McDonagh - Dublin, Ireland

Maire worked with my cat companion Georgie for me and he is bouncing around the place after it. It brought great relief to his chronic arthritis and he is all the more bolder and adventurous with his new sense of well-being. I highly recommend Maire’s beautiful work.

Lisa Tully - Wicklow, Ireland

Maire helped our dog Liv so much and especially at a time when she was really in need of help. It was so nice to connect and get closer to Liv through the offering of each oil, she enjoyed it and I really did too. It was so interesting to offer her each oil and seeing her choosing what she wanted just knowing that she decided everyday made me feel like a deeper connection was made and the goal was exactly that. I really can’t thank Maire enough the difference in Liv compared to when we started is like night and day!

Chloe Byrne, Wexford, Ireland

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