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This sacred rose anointing oil is crafted with the purest, and one of the highest frequencies oils on earth - Rose Otto.


Rose carries the medicine of the Divine Mother, the Holy Womb.


She invites us into deep alchemical listening, creation, love and magic as we access codes of wisdom from our sacred portals.


Call of the medicine of the Rose lineage to remember your codes of divinity, accessed through the mystery school of your body, of your holy heart and womb portal.


Re-surface your holy medicine and anchor these sacred codes of Divine Love into your reality, with the deep unwavering love and guidance of Mother Rose. 


I often find that just one inhale of Rose oil, allows me to descend straight back into my heart and womb portal. 


Sacred Rose is the scent our hearts and womb long for, they simply speak the same frequency.


Rose reminds us of our innate knowing love, to give and receive. A constant flow of divine reciprocity and sacred connection. 


The sacred base oil of jojoba oil holds the rose essential oil. She is further infused and blessed with the potent Mother, heart and womb medicines from this land through the infusion of rose petals.


I always feel that when we infuse and work with the medicines from the land, there is a deeper relationship and coherence accessible.

It is like we recognise each other.


Our hearts respond more deeply to the heart medicine of this land. Because they know each other already on an ancient, cellular level. 


Call on this sacred rose oil for ceremonies, anointing your sacred portals, or as a sacred natural perfume.


She is infused with the sacred frequencies of the Divine Mother, Divine Love. Call on her and allow your heart to be held by her nourishing medicine.


She comes in a 10ml roller bottle. There is a large dose of sacre rose oil in here, a little goes a long way… 


Remember to take a moment to infuse your sacred oil with your intention before use each time. She truly hears and responds to our words and sacred vibration.


Enjoy your sacred rose oil from my heart to yours…

Sacred Rose Anointing Oil

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