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Sacred Awakening Mist is created with the highest and purest intention for each individual to feel the activation of their own unique medicine carried forth from their lineage stored within the bones of the spine.


The medicine of Osmunda Fern, Turkey Tail, Amanita are ancient. They carry the anicnet codes of remembrance. They can be hidden, but once you awaken to their medicine, they are potent guides, allies, teachers and friends.


This element of being hidden then seen is carried within the medicine of this Sacred Awakening Mist.


Each of us carry unique medicine passed down to us from our sacred lineage. The wisdom and codes of this medicine is stored within our bones, within our DNA, and potently woven into the bones of our spine.


Call on the wisdom of the Sacred wild sea + well waters and plant medicine within this Awakening Mist to activate, remember and bring forth your unique medicine into this Earth.


Activating Your Sacred Awakening Mist

Use this Sacred Mist with precise intention. 


Spritz this Mist over the centre of  your body, activating and clearing your central channel.


For ceremonial or ritual use, spritz this mist along the spine. Form your own unique intention. 


Remember the medicine of the Mist responds to your words and intention. Speak and feel your intention as precise as you can.


Trust in the medicine that flows through with this Mist. 


May this Mist ignite the codes of your sacred medicine through the highest and purest natural divine order.


Ingredients: Osmunda Fern Essence, Sacred Sea Water, Well Water, Turkey Tail, Amanita Essence, Juniper Hydrosol, Pine Hydrofoil, Vodka, Essential Oils of Peppermint and Jasmine.

Sacred Awakening Mist: Spinal Codes Activation

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