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A nourishing hair and scalp serum created from the slow infusion of herbs called on by wise women for hair and scalp health.


Rosemary, Nettle and Horsetail are lovingly wild crafted by me and infused in the purest quality organic castor and olive oil over several months to full receive and infuse all the nourishment and wisdom from the plants into the oil which is now within this bottle.


Divine essential oils of Cedarwood, Rosemary, Ylang ylang, Lavender and Lemon are within for a beautiful healing scent.


For smooth glowing hair, massage a few droppers into damp hair after washing.


For scalp treatment (itchiness, dandruff or hair growth), massage a few droppers of oil into your scalp before bed, leave overnight and wash in the morning. Repeat this for as long as you need.


100ml dropper bottle




Rosemary Hair + Scalp Serum

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