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Returning to Coherence In-Person Experience

An Exploration of Healy Frequencies + The Wisdom of Subtle Energies.


Join Us on 25th May 2024

1-3pm, Macha Yoga, Bray, Wicklow


*Please apply code ‘FreePost’ at checkout to take away the shipping cost*


A gathering to explore Healy frequencies + vibrational healing in person.


We will share about the wisdom of frequencies, as you receive the opportunity to experience the Healy frequencies for yourself.


As frequencies are one of the most ancient forms of healing modalities, I feel they pair beautifully with the subtle wisdom of plants, in the form of flower essences.


This is an in-person frequency experience for you to experience Healy frequencies, as we also tune in and connect in with the wisdom of the subtle energy field around us.


We will be nourished by freuqnecy infused herbal tea crafted from the deeply loving and wise herbs grounding around us, enter into a gentle journey with these sacred plants, tune into their medicine through receiving their medicine in the tea, as well as learn how to make your own flower essence, calling on the subtle energy, frequency and vibration of the sacred wisdom held within imprinting the vibration of plants into water to create our own flower essences.


I will share some very special herbal potions crafted from the magic of the land with you, to allow the subtle wisdom of both frequency and plants to deeply nourish us.


I cannot wait to welcome you here and walk together into the potent field of sublte energies and coherence.

Returning to Coherence In-Person Experience

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