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Call on the powerful tree medicine gathered from this land and infused into cleansed, clear, high frequency organic olive oil.


Juniper and Thuja are potent tree medicines for cleansing, purifying and protecting your own energy and your space.


Call on this ceremonial oil for purification and protection before and after opening and closing of ceremonies and sacred spaces.


The medicine of this oil to purify and protect is precise. Be clear to state your intention when working with this oil.


You may anoint your body with this oil, focusing on any area on your body you are drawn to. Trust the guidance of your body and innate knowing.


You may also use this oil to cleans, purify and protect your sacred tools you use, especially your sacred drum. 


Simply place a few drops of this oil over your drum, and oil with your hand or a cotton cloth to nourish, protect and purify your drum.

Purify + Protect: Juniper + Thuja Ceremonial Oil

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