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Fresh organic ginger distilled in small batches in west cork using ancient methods of steam distillation, through a copper still and well water.


Hydrosols are a more gentle form of plant medicine compared to essential oils. Making it a very safe plant remedy for young children, animals and the elderly. 


Ginger hydrosol is invigorating and strengthens willpower. It is warming and aids digestion both emotionally (digesting environmental changes or movement), and physical digestion of food. Ginger also soothes nausea or travel sickness for humans and animals. If travelling with an animal who suffers from travel sickness, simply spritz this hydrosol onto the bandana or onto a cloth and place it next to them.


Ginger's warming effect is often appreciated by older beings and animals. 


For animals with arthritis or other age related issues, simply spritz this pure hydrosol 1-5 times into a bowl of water with 100-200ml of water. Place this on the floor and simply let them self select and self medicate throughout the day.


This ginger hydrosol is extremely gentle and pure. Call on the medicine within and work with her in whatever way resonates with you or your animal. 


Trust you own knowing. If using it with your animal, trust their guidance. Whatever way they wish to interact with this hydrosol is perfect. It may be a simple sniff, lick or chew.

Organic Ginger Hydrosol

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