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A deeply healing and soothing multi-purpose balm created from slow potent herbal infusions of plant medicines gathered from this land.


This is the perfect balm to have for truly almost anything!


I created this balm with slow whole plant infusion methods so that it is deeply potent yet very gentle.


Therefore, this balm is suitable for the whole family from babies, adults to dogs within your family.


Anytime there is a bump, rash, bruise, scratch, sting, burn or skin irritations, call on this balm!


Do not apply on an open wound if bleeding, wash thoroughly with clean water, you may also call on tinctures or hydrosols of thyme or yarrow.


But as soon as the wounds dries up and the skin heals over, you may apply this balm.


Ingredients: Extracts of Plantain, Daisy, Yarrow, Rosemary, Organic olive oil, essential oils of lavender, chamomile + rosemary.

Miracle Balm: All Purpose Healing Balm

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