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Sacred Elixir carrying the medicine of St. John's Wort, Self-Heal, Rose and Hawthorn.


This sacred elixir was crafted in the Summer Solstice Portal, where the codes of illumination are potent.


St. John's Wort carries this medicine of illumination and the medicine of the Sun. A potent plant ally to uplift mood, confidence and your frequency.


Self-Heal holds the medicine of the innate wisdom of the body. The trusting our own innate ability to heal and co-create whatever it is we are calling forth.


The heart and womb nourishing Hawthorn and Rose are here to guide and remind us to speak, create and listen from these powerful portals. Whenever we move from these spaces, we can never take the 'wrong' action or decision.


Trust in your own knowing, Trust in you medicine. Listen and act from your womb and heart. Bloom with the vibrancy, joy and confidence of the Sun.


This elixir is to be taken orally.


You may add her to your sacred drink, teas, water, or take 3-10 drops directly into your mouth.



Illuminate and Bloom Sacred Elixir

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