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These Heart and Breast nourishing herbs are gathered by hand and slow infused for several months in loving oils.


This sacred oil carries the herbal magic and medicine of rose petals, willow buds and bark, cleavers, horsetail and nettle.


Call on this oil to anoint your heart space and your loving life-giving breasts.


Place the oil onto the centre of your palms. Feel the anointing of your sacred palms. Massage your oil over your breasts and heart space with ease, kindness, love and devotion. 


Be open to receiving the magic and medicine you have asked and prayed for.


Ingredients: Wild crafted rose petals, cleavers, willow buds and bark, nettle, horsetail, organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic essential oils of rose, angelica root, geranium, vanilla and sweet organge. 



Holy Heart: Breast Massage + Heart Anointing Oil

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