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Heart Expansion Sacred Elixir


This sacred elixir is created from the slow herbal infusion of heart medicines from the land who guide and holds us through the expansion journey of our self and our heart.


She carries the medicine to hold us through heartache, grief and deep tenderness. We call on the medicine of gorse for uplifting our spirit in times of despair. We call on the medicine of spruce tips, to gently yet clearly purify and sweep through any areas of stagnation and lingering energy. 


She carries the medicine of joy, love and forgiveness with the medicine of lilac blooms and rose petals. She reminds us that we too bloom like these sacred flowers in the summer, but we also need a period of dark rest and purification in order to bloom.


And lastly, she carries the medicine of Yarrow. The magnificent one who reminds us that all heals. No matter how deep the wound, no matter how painful the ache, all heals. Yarrow - the sacred plant that heals wounds on deep levels.


All of the heart medicines from these sacred plants are bound together by medicinal magical pure local honey and vodka.


Each plant is hand and heart gathered by me and infused into the spirit for several months.


May this heart expansion sacred elixir hold, guide and deeply love you on every part of your journey.


Ingredients: Rose petals, lilac blooms, gorse buds, yarrow, spruce tips, honey, cinnamon, vodka.


Take 3-10 drops into your mouth as needed. You may also place a few drops into you tea, water or bath.

Heart Expansion Elixir

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