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A deeply replenishing herbal magnesium oil created with the infusion of deeply grounding plants and trees.


This magnesium oil carries a mixture of home grown organic + wild crafted lavender, pine + juniper needles and berries.


Juniper is also known as the ‘great relaxant’. Pine is a powerful tree to clear energy and stagnant energy which may be causing physical or emotional imbalances. Lavender is woven in here for her heart and mind soothing magic.


Magnesium oil is a deeply healing, replenishing and grounding oil to have.


This oil supports easeful sleep, soothes restlessness, calms aches and pains, especially muscular pains.


Magnesium is also known to soothe stomach issues and itchiness. If you often feel tired or just a bit out of balance, try calling on this magnesium oil, for she is a deeply replenishing ally to have!


Don’t worry if your skin feels tingly after spraying this oil. If your body is very low in magnesium, it is just your body absorbing the magnesium goodness rapidly, causing a tingly sensation on the surface.


If you want to soothe any tingling you may get, simple put olive oil or a pure balm or oil over the area.


Spritz this oil directly onto your skin, particularly areas of aching muscles or it is powerful on the soles of your feet.


You may also spritz this into your bath to replenish and restore your minerals.


Ingredients: Wild crafted juniper needles and berries, pine, lavender, magnesium chloride, organic essential oils of lavender and cedarwood.


100ml glass amber spray bottle.

Grounding Magnesium Oil: Juniper + Lavender

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