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Forest Healing Face Balm


This balm is created through the slow herbal infusion of skin nourishing and purifying plant medicines of Juniper, Cleavers and Nettle.


Juniper is deeply purifying, both for on a physical and energetic level. Juniper brightens tired skin and uplifts the spirit. Juniper carries the medicine of purification, while being a deep relaxant. Juniper is known to be more relaxing than herbs such as Lavender!


Physically, Juniper also moves stagnant energy on an emotional and physical level. 


Cleavers and Nettles are some of the most overlooked deeply healing and cleansing medicines in our hedgerows. Cleavers carries powerful cleansing properties and Nettle deeply nourishes our skin, carrying more vitamins and minerals than many well known herbs and algae. 


Nettle also provides deep support and nourishment to those who have sensitive skin or allergies. 


This balm is held together by the medicinal local irish pure beeswax. Even just using pure local beeswax on our skin alone would bring so much healing.


This forest face balm works beautifully for men or those who have dry skin or healing scars.


This little dark green balm is packed with so much goodness and magic.




Ingredients: Juniper, Cleavers, Nettle, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic essential oils of peppermint, yarrow, cedarwood.


Choose from 30ml or 60ml jar.


A little goes a long way. These jars last for many months with daily use and can be kept for over 2 years.

Forest Face Balm

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