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A deeply magical blend of sacred herbs infused in pure high quality oils for the most gentle and sacred first anointing, celebrating and massaging your beloved baby.


This oil is called on for baby massage, cleansing and moisturising.


She is also crafted with the very beautiful intention to welcome baby to Earth with the most divine sacred flowers, trees and oils.


Crafted with the infusion of sacred rose petals - holding the deep love and nurturing of the mother, juniper needles and berries - holding the protection and love of the father, and cleavers - holding the innocence, pure joy, cleansing and clear energy of the divine baby.


All infused slowly and deeply in pure high quality olive oil - the tree representing health, wealth, beauty, healing, generational love, wisdom and longevity.


This baby massage herbal oil does not contain any essential oils, yet her scent is very heavenly from the magical rose petals, juniper and sweet cleavers.


100ml amber bottle.


Ingredients: Hand gathered rose petals, cleavers, juniper, lavender, organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.


Divine Soul: Baby Herbal Oil

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