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Crafting You Spring Apothecary: Your Herbal Guide To Crafting Your Own Herbal Magic + Medicine with Healing Local Plantsof Spring.


I am so excited to welcome this Magical Spring Herbal 20 page E-booklet to you!


Within, holds everything you need to know to begin crafting your own herbal medicine with wild medicinal plants growing around you.


I share about the healing properties of 5 Spring herbs that are growing in abundance. These 5 herbs hold deep medicine and magic.


Within, I share about the medicine of Cleavers, Nettle, Dandelion, Plantain and Daisy.


Common herbs we see growing everywhere in Ireland, but did you know how much medicine and healing they hold for us?


I share recipes and instructions on how to use these herbs to craft your own herbal remedies and medicine, building a potent home apothecary.


Not only do I share how to work with these herbs with humans, but I also share how to use them with your beloved animals.


Within, I share how to make a strong herbal tea, a herbal infusion, tincture, herbal infused oils, and herbal healing balms.


I also share tips and tricks I have learnt over the years and practices in connecting, meeting, gathering and processing your herbs.


This is a little treasure trove of magical recipes!


This 20 page E-booklet is only available for 1 month, until 30th April!

Crafting Your Spring Apothecary E- Booklet

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