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The Wisdom of Circle of Life


Circle of Life - Creation Annointing Oil


This is a deeply potent oil crafted and infused over 1 year, with herbs gathered throughout the cycles of Nature, creating this sacred ‘Circle of Life’ oil that holds the wisdom of every season of Nature and Life.


The intention of this oil is to communicate  the wisdom held within the Circle of Life, Creation, Fertility, Rest and Deep Nourishment.


She was initially created with the intention as a deeply sacred womb oil, to anoint the sacred portal of creation and channel to the other realm.


Yet, as I sit and write about her now, She is a potent oil to anchor us in the beauty of life, to be called on to anoint any portal you are called to. This may be your heart, your womb, your root, your crown, your third eye, the soles of your feet and so on.


She is crafted with plants gathered at every stage of the cycle, spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Below, I share about the vibration and wisdom carries in each plant and season.


The herbs of spring carry those of 

  • Cleavers: for clearing and cleansing portals and sacred spaces. The wisdom of releasing what is stagnant. The frequency of shift and loosening a strong grip.
  • Nettles: the first sources of deep nourishment from nature’s awakening after deep rest over winter. Holding the medicine of replenishment on a physical and energetic level for us.
  • Sacred unfurling fern: one of the most ancient plant that hold the deep wisdom of creation with ease, the wisdom of calling on the unseen support and information into the seen. Fern are reproduced not through seeds, but through spores. This is very unique compared to other plants. Ferns are one of the most ancient plants we have access on a physical level to here on Earth. And her wisdom of creation and reproduction is deeply sacred, generous and easeful. There is also an Irish myth that states where you find Bracken ( a type of fern), there is gold underneath. Perhaps this mirrors the gold that is unearthed when you create a sacred being/ life/ project/ vision through this ancient wisdom you also hold?
  • Cherry Blossoms: Holding the wisdom of courage to blossom into the unknown. The vibration of the pioneer, the seeker. Supports us in stepping into the unknown, through a softness and gentleness. She is one of the first flowers that blooms in the very early Spring, even when there is often still frost and snow coming! A flower that holds the sacred reminder of the strength that is always accessible and present (through the trunk of the tree and the holding of the earth) in the softness (of the blossoms).
  • Essence of the Sacred Egg: Within this oil is infused a deeply sacred egg. The wisdom of the egg has been used in ancient rituals as holder of sacred potent intention and buried into the ground to be received by the Earth. The sacred egg holds the wisdom of fertility, life, sacral energy, womb wisdom, access to the cosmic potential, deep nourishment and abundance.


Landing into Summer:

  • Rose Petals: the sacred wisdom of rose holds the sacred wisdom of the womb and heart connection. Therefore, this oil holds a very potent vibration and resonance with the womb portal of creation and ancient knowing.
  • Hawthorn Blossoms: one of the most potent heart medicines on this land. The early blossoms of summer hold the wisdom of revealing your radiant light and gifts, the courage and wisdom to share them on a physical level.


Landing into Autumn: The harvest of our creations.

  • Fruit of the Rose - Rose hips. The nourishment carried within one reship is so deeply dense and packed with deep life giving and life sustaining substance. Rose hips shares the wisdom of sustaining nourishment, the vibration of fulfilment and deep appreciation for what we have created in the earlier stages of the circle of life, in whatever form it has shown itself. Within this Oil, she shares with us the medicine of deep self-appreciation for what we have embarked, chosen and created in both the seen and unseen realms. Allow yourself to bathe in the beauty of your sacred creations in whatever form they take.


Landing into Winter: Deep Rest

  • The Sacred Spiral: The essence of the sacred spiral held within the wisdom of the shell of a snail was infused into this ‘Circle of Life’ oil. This was done in a very mystical way, yet holds a very powerful frequency of rest, going inwards, recuperation and hibernation as a integral part of the cycle of creation. The sacred spiral holds the wisdom of safety, protection from her hard shell, allowing softening, hibernation and deep rest within.


Other sacred plants within are:

Rosemary: Holding the sacred wisdom of the female lineage. Deep connection with ancient memory and awakening.Affinity with the heart and womb.


Honey: Wisdom of Abundance, Sweetness and Richness of Life. Encourages us to live in the pleasures of life.


Bee Pollen: Symbolises Life and Precection, Continuity of Life and Safety. In ancient traditions, pollen was used used in prayers and rituals to symbolise life and renewal. Often sprinkled over heads of mouths in rituals. A very sacred bee pollen has been infused in this ‘Circle of Life’ Creation Oil for many many months. Her presence here is strong. 


Cinnamon: Carries a very high vibration, calling in the energies and your vibrational match of Prosperity, Abundance, Love and Goof Luck.




Rose petals, Fern, Cleavers, Nettles, Hawthorn Blossoms, Rose hips, Honey, Bee Pollen, Cinnamon, Rosemary. Cherry Blossom, Rosemary, Rose Petals, Essence of Sacred Spiral, Organic Olive + Castor Oils, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Ginger, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Basil, Vanilla, Neroli. 



Anoint or massage your womb space, or any area in your body you feel called, with a few drops of this oil.


Take moment to tune into and receive her vibration and sweet loving gentle earthly scents.


Tune into your creation and feel this creation come alive in every cell of your being.


Knowing the vision you have, came to you specifically to bring through into life.


Trust in your vision and know that it came to you for a reason.

Circle of Life: Sacred Creation Anointing Oil

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