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Bloom Serum with Natural Sun Protection


I am so happy to share this deeply luxurious facial serum packed with natural sun protection and skin healing herbs!


Conventional sun cream is one of the most toxic things we can apply onto your skin. Often, people are receiving damage not from the sun, but from these deeply harmful synthetic chemicals we are applying daily onto the largest organ in our body - our skin, which then goes directly into our blood stream.


And this is why I am so deeply happy to share this potent bottle of daily serum with natural sun protection with you!


One of the most powerful ingredients within this ‘Bloom Serum’ is Raspberry Seed Oil. 


Raspberry seed oil is one of nature’s most powerful sun protection oils!


Raspberry seed oil has an SPF(Sun Protection Factor) of 28-50 for UVB Rays and 6.75 - 7.5 for UVA Rays - making it Broad Spectrum. Raspberry seed oil is comparable to the protection provided from titanium dioxide, a common conventional sunscreen ingredient.


Within this ‘Bloom Serum’ Skin healing and protecting herbs of rose and camellia are infused into the highest pure oils of raspberry seed, olive and avocado oils.


Olive and avocado oils also carry SPF of around 8.


Furthermore, these oils also carry high levels of vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant that reduces free radicals that cause premature ageing. 


This serum also carries anti-inflammatory qualities, making it soothing and healing for sensitive skin and a deeply nourishing natural alternative to conventional sun screen.


Raspberry seed oil is also high in linoleic acid which is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce clogged pores and acne. 


This is one of the hugggeee reasons I am so excited to share this serum with you. 

She provides natural sun protection AND does not clog pores, in face she does the opposite!


‘Bloom serum’ is also packed with vitamin A which heals UV damage, encourages cell regeneration and skin repair.


This serum carries a deeply healing scent of Frankincense, Carrot Seed Oil (SPF 28-40), Lavender and Myrrh (SPF 15).


Not only do these pure essential oils deeply nurture the skin and spirit, they are also powerful natural SPF.


Massage a few drops onto your face as part of your daily facial serum, packed with skin healing herbal goodness and natural sun protection.


She comes in a beautiful 30ml Amber Bottle.


A little note of natural sun protection...


As with everything in nature, we must use this serum with intention and respect for the living wisdom around and within us.


This serum is created with the intention and herbal allies for every day sun protection and skin nourishment.


I would not apply this serum and sit out in the midday sun for hours and hours without a hat or going into the shade when I feel I've received enough sun.


There is so much I can share about the ‘fear’ society has created of the sun. When actually the sun provides such deeply healing regenerative, live giving frequencies. And it is truly the damaging lotions and creams pack with deeply harmful ingredients that we should be turning out attention to.


At the core of this, If we respect the potency of the sun, we can live in harmony with the sun.


We would not put on Lavender oil which cures burns, but put our hand into the fire.


We respect the fire. We sit with the fire, receive her warmth, love and wisdom. 


So why would we act differently with the Sun?


How I suggest ‘Bloom Serum’ to be used is:


To apply her daily as your day serum in the bright sunny months.


Calling on the wisdom within the bottle to walk with you in receiving the wisdom and healing rays + frequencies of the divine light and sun.


I would do my day to day activities as normal with 'Bloom Serum'.


Yet, if I was going out in the sun for a few hours, I would absolutely still wear a hat and go into the shade when I feel I've received enough sun.


And if you plan to be in the midday sun for over a few hours, in activity, I would use the ‘Solar Love’ Sun Balm with Zinc Oxide as strong protection instead.


I truly believe that there is nothing to fear with the sun.


But all to respect with the sun.


If we respect the light and the healing rays, there is no fear needed. 


Because we will not overtake or undertake. 


We will receive just the right amount of light for us, and our skin.


Nothing will be harmed when we move with respect and deep love for our selves and the living wisdom around and within us.

Bloom Serum with Natural Sun Protection

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