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Blissful Being is a magical radiant swirling alive herbal oil crafted to invite, experience and root in feelings + experiences of pure bliss and joy in your everyday.


The plant magic and deep love within this bottle holds exactly the medicine of bliss and joy.


The plant wisdom within holds the intelligence of the summer solstice vibrant solar energy of creation and radiance.


Beloved herbs have been hand gathered by me and infused into a luxurious organic olive and castor oil over several cycles.


These delicious joyful herbs within are rose petals, calendula, rosemary, juniper and pine.


Uplifting herbs of pure joy and bliss are combined with grounding and clearing herbs to help anchor these sensations of bliss into our physical being, while allowing old beliefs and patterns to be cleared and released (pine, juniper and rosemary are AMAZING powerful plants for this release + clearing).


The subtle yet uplifting and clearing scent is so special in ‘Blissful Being’.


She is scented with the purest high quality essential oils of sandalwood (bliss +grounding, affinity with the crown+ root chakras), rose (one of the highest frequencies in the plant kingdom, inviting in pure bliss through our senses), lime (clearing, cleansing and purifying pathways to invite and anchor in experiences of deep joy and bliss), and lavender (deep relaxation and contentment of the present and all this is, a soothing knowing that everything is happening in favour for you.).


Ingredients: rose petals, calendula, rosemary, pine, juniper, oils of olive + castor, essential oils of sandalwood, rose, lavender, lime.


This Magical Oils Comes in a 100ml Clear Bottle.

Blissful Being: Nourishing Herbal Body Oil

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