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Wild Berries

Herbal Medicine & Remedies Making Workshops

Herb Plants

Are you drawn to making your own natural herbal remedies at home?


I invite you to join us in remembering our innate knowing and ancient wisdom in connecting with and crafting herbal medicine and remedies.

In-Person Workshop in Killiney, Dublin.

Join us in Killiney, Dublin for our herbal remedy and plant medicine making workshop gatherings.


Together, we will connect in and remember the wild medicinal plants in Éire.


In each workshop, we will:

- Create herbal remedies to support us throughout the specific season. 

- Learn how to work with wild medicinal plants and herbs we can find growing in Ireland and create healing herbal remedies from them.

- Learn how to make nourishing herbal self-care product for ourselves.

- Create herbal remedies for animals and how to use herbs and oils to support them emotionally and physically. 


All ingredients, herbs, bottles and herbal magic crafting item are included.


You will have several herbal creations we craft together to bring home and enjoy over the next few months.


As this is a physical workshop, spaces are limited. 


Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.


I look forward to sharing and crafting herbal medicine with you!

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Herbal Remedies Making Workshop Dates
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