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Does making your own herbal oils, elixirs and haling balms spark joy, remembrance and nourishment in you?

Would you love to gather in to learn how to craft your own herbal potions, oils, balms together?

Herbal Treatment

Join us Saturday 20th April in Killiney, Dublin from 11am-2pm for a day of crafting your own herbal magic and medicine.

This Herbal Workshop includes learning:

- how to craft potent herbal oils for every day + ceremonial oils

-how to make deeply healing herbal balms.

-how to make powerful ancient herbal remedies.

-how to make natural skin care potions.

-how to tune into the wild healing plants growing around you.

-how to create deeply healing herbal medicines from wild plants of Spring.

-identifying the healing wild medicines of Spring.

-how to tune into the energetics of the plant + make intentional, specific remedies and potions.

You will receive a herbal medicine making recipe e-book + guide with this workshop.

You will be welcomed with warm tea + loving snacks throughout the day.

You will have your own herbal potion to bring home!

Herb Infused Oils

Herbal Apothecary Workshop Details...

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Date: 20th April 2024 (Saturday)

Time: 11am-2pm

Location: Killiney, Dublin (Exact location shared upon booking)

Exchange: €120

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