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Activating Your Herbal Knowing

This is a deeply sacred course created with strong guidance to be shared now.

It is created on the basis and belief that every human being has innate wisdom, access, ancient knowing to the information field, the unseen and the spirit realm.

The spirit of plant allies are one of the most profound teacher for me.

And the guidance plant spirits share are very specific to the individual.

My prayer and intention for this 4-week journey

For each sacred being, called to embark on this journey to remember your innate knowing and communication with the plant spirit and loving herbal realm.

Some of the most profound learnings I have received are often through the plants themselves.

And specifically, through the plants that grow around me, in my garden, on my walks, and in places I visit often.

Do you remember that the plants know you?

Do you remember that when you see them, they deeply see you too?

Do you remember that when you tell them what's on your heart, they receive it and hold it gently for and with you?

In this 4-week plant journey, we will:

Connect with the deeply sacred wild plants growing around you

The plants are deeply sacred and potent guides.

Especially the plants that have chosen to grown next to us.

They are near you for a reason.

Have you notices how profound and present foxgloves are this year? 

They are traditionally used as a heart remedy for heart rate and tending to grief and deep seated patterns in the heart.

What if you retrieved your innate knowing on calling on these sacred wild herbal medicines to walk with you during times of joy, unease, grief, love?

What if from now on, when a plant presented itself to you for support, you clearly know and receive it with openness?

Image by Joyce G
Image by nastya

Remember Your Knowing of Crafting Herbal Medicines

One of the most deeply powerful and healing remembrances and acts to re-awake my innate herbal wisdom was through crafting herbal medicines.

When we craft with our hands, an ancient knowing is reawakened. 

It is deeply healing and awakening across so many levels of our being.

Each week, after we embark on a journey to meet our own unique knowing of the plants, we will learn a few different herbal medicine crafting techniques you can use to bring sacred spirit into form.

How deeply sacred, loving and magical is this?

We get to weave and intimately know the spirit of the herb and also craft beautiful with her form.

Which is then used to deeply nourish ourselves, family, and community on every level.

Deeply loving nourishing space to land into

My intention of this journey is one of deep nourishment.

When we remember ancient wisdom ready to be activated, it feels like part of ourselves are returning.

This sense and feeling of wholeness and full connection.

Each week, we will have a deeply loving nourishing 1.5hr journey and space to land into together.

We will also have a private group platform to connect in throughout the 4 weeks.

There will also be an optional in-person gathering to celebrate the completion of our 4-week journey together.

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Casey Horner

You are so welcome to join here

Calling all sacred beings who hear the call to gather in this sacred 4-week journey together.

No matter where you are on your herbal journey, I truly trust that if you feel the call of this journey, this is for you.

This is a deeply sacred course and journey woven and created with divine guidance.

If you feel the call, your spot is lovingly waiting for you here.

Activating Your Inner Herbal Knowing

Date: 19th June - 10th July (4 week journey)

Time: Every Weds 12noon - 1pm

Location: Online (Optional In-person gathering at completion)

Exchange: € 120

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