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Rose hips


I am Máire Dumigan.

Daughter of the Soil.

Herbalist of the Ancestral Ways. 

Remembering my Roots through Slow Home Herbalism.


I am Máire Dumigan. 


I am a Herbalist, working in communion with the land through Slow Home Herbalism.


My work is a prayer to the land, my ancestors and the ancient sacred ways of life. 


I carry the teachings of my lineage of Medicine Women. The lineage of Medicine wisdom that was once broken and lost.


I now reclaim these teachings. I now reclaim our Medicine through Plant Medicine. 


The intention of my work is to honour the ancient sacred wisdom through reviving and remembering and infusing the practice of slow herbalism within our homes.


Remembering and reconnecting to our Self, through the remembrance of wild plant medicines, created through the bones and blood of our ancestors.


I am Daughter of the Soil.


Bearer of Her Medicine. 


I Create with Her Medicine.


Let me share Her wisdom with You: The Medicine of Remembering. 


May we Remember our Roots. 


My journey with Herbalism follows the rhythms of the Earth, a slower pace, a connected pace.


An Elixir takes time to infuse her magic, she cannot be rushed.


This is Slow Home Herbalism. 


As it has always been, practiced through generations. This knowing is carried within us. 


Are hearing the call to Remember?



To Connect In

In my work, I offer workshop gatherings to share the practice of home herbalism. This is a space to remember, reconnect and hear the whispers of a forgotten knowing. My work also expresses through herbal creations and medicines crafted from the Land here in Ireland. If you feel drawn, do connect in below.

Received with Love.

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